They created an Occult Government of the Evil...


Blessed be Jesus! Blessed be the Force of Love!

Brothers, the negative beings coming from other worlds, when set up their foundations on Earth, they carefully have done perverted connections in intentions with people of this Planet.

Thence, other negative beings from space no more could invade the planet, since the access "Portals" on Earth are only used by Beings under superior mission, authorized by GUWF - Great Universal White Fraternity. Then, the negative beings remained on Earth could not leave, unless integrating themselves to the universal incarnation process, which provides evolution for all people.

However, they have been refusing to integrate in the Creative Plan instituted for the beings' evolution. They did not fit in the incarnation process, staying discharged to the evolution.

They built cities with high technology in inhospitable areas of the Inferior Astral Plane and in abysmal regions. They made conspiracy with perverse creatures over there and others that penetrated the Terrestrial Globe in the same period.

Along millenarian clandestine permanence on Earth, they created an Occult Government of Evil that has been confronting the eternal Forces of Good that lead this humanity.

Its influence is historically known, because they always interfered against all attempts of peace and union among the people on Earth. They even tried to impede Jesus' birth, as if they had power and force to do it.

They have high intelligence and no love, and continue judging their lives and choices limitless, as if their terrible actions and domain would not interrupted on Earth.

They manifest themselves against the Light and spiritual progress to the humanity. Those that keep their behavior patterns less worthy of coexistence with brothers in humanity remain submitted to their actions.

They try to denigrate and distort the superior image of Extraterrestrials throughout the Planet, thus, rating unreal situations to call attention of the careless human beings who want extemporaneous salvation to escape from Divine Accounting.

These perverse beings, who spread their roots on Earth, they have been banished from Planet Earth to other sterile worlds, where their roots will dry due to lack of nutrient.

The Battle of Light against Darkness is real.

All the terrestrial inhabitants not sufficiently rooted in faith and love to the neighbor, unable to forgive, and only think on themselves, they are recruited by the Bestial Army *, "in a great battle" for the liberation of the Earth from the slavery of Evil.

This is the moment for each one on earth make definitive choices under vibratory patterns, also called Sham and Gondom.

Gondom wants to free and to remove everything responsible for rejection and pain. After they get to banish the Evil, the Good may reign reigns in all parts of the planet.

Brothers of the Earth, you must eliminate your inner shadows, so that the dark impact of the evil does not throw you into darkness and exile.

Jesus' Gospel in its sincere transforming practice put you in a safe place, next to the Light, as warriors, soldiers of Christ.

Peace in your hearts.

Setum shenar (**) - GESH – 10/09/10 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

(*) Battle of Armageddon, where will fight the Army of Light against the Darkness. (**) He is Extraterrestrial of High Spiritual Level and Ashtar Sheram´s vice command.

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