An uncontrolled medium is potentially very dangerous


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Peace be unto you, brothers!

The spirit brings in itself the experience acquired throughout the evolutionary path.

Mind is the materialization of ideas previously acquired by the spirit for the good or for the evil; and if the spirit does not make effort in the present incarnation to develop his/her angelic potential, he/she falls prey to the primitive Beasts.

By the presence of "negative forces" on earth, the mediums due to the easy absorption of energies, if they are not emotionally balanced, they become vulnerable object of manipulation by beings stronger that their victims.

While violence and bestial instincts increase, under superior order, several Instructors and Spiritual Guides arrive to minimize the impact of "negative forces", impeding that unprepared mediums fulfill orders of Darkness in the physical plane.

As humans stay back of the Divine Laws, stay at mercy of perversity, lust and corruption.

We recommend all the mediums that already work with Jesus to keep themselves, day-by-day, vigilant to their own thoughts and others.

Nowadays, the opened gates of abysmal regions are liberating not only the slave spirits, but also the experienced spirits in practicing the evil and in manipulating energies of ignorant creatures, if they do not build protecting barriers to defend themselves.

At this House, we take the mediators at school of the "Colonia Espiritual Servos de Jesus" to learn how to protect the mind and emotionally.

Uncontrolled medium is potentially very dangerous.

Mediators, you must bear in mind, this alert to keep you emotionally controlled. Work on behalf of the Light and attention for not fall, in one more proof.

Peace and Light to you!

Ramp, GESH - 04/08/11 - Vitoria/ES - Brazil.

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