Do not relax your vigilance


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Daughters and disciples of my heart,

In this incarnation, you faced trials and paths until your reunion with Margarida, so that you could truly begin the great trial of your lives.

That great warrior, Margarida assumed the tutelage of her daughters, led astray by her recklessness, in a very distant past. In a supreme effort, this daughter of my heart, knelt down begged the Father for opportunity to lead her disciples to the Light.

She accomplished the task. Now, it is up to you to follow the example left in determination, obedience, renunciation and sacrifice to earthly pleasures.

If you understood the example left by your leader left you, you will neither rest your head nor neglect your time dedicated to the works of the Light.

Until your incarnation is over, at any time, do not relax your vigilance thinking that everything is conquered. Commanders lead you on the battlefield and master Ramatis extends His generous hand in the care of your lives.

If there is protection, you must answer with the work and fulfillment of your spiritual and private tasks. What is being evaluated is not only what you do within the Spiritist Center, but also in living in society, since what counts is the whole and not just the spiritual work.

The battle - as said by great Master Ramatis and Commander Setun Shenar, it took place in a dangerous field and its result will reverberate throughout your lives. This sister - the Beast - is vengeful and proud, and has already passed on to her minions and commanders, with her angry humor that she does admit being defeated by creatures she considers fragile.

They dismantled laboratories of reptilians where beings incarnated and disincarnated were captive with minds kidnapped. Mediums tied to these beings by wires that commanded them in the physical plane were freed; houses of prostitution, in the most abject situation were invaded, emptied and sealed so that, at the opportune moment, was pulverized by force of the Light.

It is difficult, in a few words, to speak of the benefit of that fight brought to the incarnated beings that walk negligently in the matter.

Blessed is Lord Jesus, who provided this benefactor task!

Blessed is Master Ramatis, who made all his disciples available for work in the name of Lord Jesus!

Master Shama Hare is among you.


Master Shama Hare,

GESH – 05/28/2021 – Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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